ZEROBASEONE fans plan to send protest trucks demanding Kim Ji Woong leave the group

ZEROBASEONE fans plan to send protest trucks demanding Kim Ji Woong leave the group

The recent controversy that involved ZEROBASEONE‘s Kim Ji Woong angered fans so much that they even planned to send protest trucks demanding the idol leave the group. This way, his actions would not affect the rest of the members careers.

Last week, the singer was criticized on social networks after a video of him during a video call with a fan allegedly showed him cursing by using the bad word ‘Ss*bal‘ which meant ‘Fu*k’ when he thought the interaction was over.

The ZEROSE shared the video on social networks, causing a great reaction that even made the agency behind the group, WAKEONE, deny Kim Ji Woong’s action, accuse the fan of being Sasaeng, and provoke the idol to use offensive language towards her.

Despite the agency words, a section of the fandom put up against the idol and decided to make more noise with protest trucks demanding the singer’s departure from the group with phrases like “Kim Ji Woong, leave the group if you have a conscience“.

Another statement for the trucks is, “Mr. Kim Ji Woong quickly withdraws from the group“. But in Korean, “Ssi” is an honorific word for names, and it was in yellow, while “Bbal” comes from the word “Bbal-Li”, which means quickly, and was in red, showing the singer’s offensive word.

The fans also wrote, “We voted for you to debut, but what we got in return is a curse to the face“. They also defend the reputation of the boy group by saying, “The group will have the stigma of being a fan-hating group because of one troublesome member“.

Despite this controversy on social networks, neither the agency nor Kim Ji Woong have shared any other statement on the matter so far.