Yuna of ITZY drops the music video for her solo song “Yet, But”

Yuna of ITZY drops the music video for her solo song “Yet, But”

ITZY is all hands on deck with the promotion for their second studio album, “BORN TO BE.” And what better way to catch our attention than with some fire singles and eye-catching videos? ITZY knows what we love! So that’s why each one of the members has been dropping their solo jams, making MIDZY (that’s the name ITZY fans wear proudly) go totally crazy with the new music.

And now’s the perfect time for Yuna to show her true star power with her very own solo track. The song is titled “Yet, But” and it showcases the true star power Yuna has to offer. Wearing pink and acting all sassy and girly in the official music video, the ITZY member proves that she can also shine with that cuter side of hers.

Now, it’s time to get ready: ITZY’s new studio album will be dropped on January 8th, featuring solo songs from all members. At the moment, Lia has dropped “Blossom,” Yeji released “Crown On My Head,” and Ryunjin surprised fans with “Run Away,” Then, Chaeryeong gave us “Mine,” and we finally got Yuna’s bop. A very strong set of songs to look forward to the album!

Unfortunately, this new era for ITZY will not include member Lia. She is going to focus on her mental health, recovering from her anxiety disorder. For that reason, ITZY will temporarily promote as a quartet. Get well soon Lia, and congrats Yuna on this jam!

Catch the song and music video below and let us know what you think:

ITZY YUNA "Yet, but" M/V  @ITZY