Youngjae refused to interact with Mark Tuan because he did not have any clothes

Youngjae refused to interact with Mark Tuan because he did not have any clothes

In recent days, idols Mark Tuan and Youngjae, members of the famous K-Pop group GOT7, caught the attention of the entire fandom after a hilarious and unexpected public interaction that surprised and made all their fans laugh.

Mark Tuan excited his fans doing a live broadcast to share with his fans some details about his new solo song titled ‘Everyone Else Fades‘, and also about his upcoming concert tour. Everything was normal until the idol realized that his partner Youngjae had commented.

Noticing that Youngjae was active in the comments section, Mark Tuan asked him to join and accompany him in his interaction, however, he received no response from his partner, who quickly disconnected, but the best came later, because the idol returned to connect and the reason for his discreet rejection was revealed.

When the idol was activated again, the fans were excited, but Mark Tuan, for his part, began to laugh out loud and revealed that the reason his partner refused to interact with him was because he did not have any clothes on and thus it was impossible for him to join the live making all the fans who saw the interaction laugh.

Despite the fact that Youngjae did not accompany Mak Tuan on his stream, he sent him supportive comments where he also congratulated him on his new project, confirming how united they are and that they always manage to make their fans smile.

Check out the new solo song of Mark Tuan from GOT7 titled ‘Everyone Else Fades‘:

Mark Tuan - Everyone Else Fades (Official Music Video)