YG’s Shares tumble after rumons of BLACKPINK’s Lisa not renewing her contract

YG’s Shares tumble after rumons of BLACKPINK’s Lisa not renewing her contract

YG Entertainment has been in the eye of the media due to BLACKPINK’s speculations regarding their contract renewal. The group has now been for seven years with the company, since debuting in 2016. As a result, it has been rumored that members now have to decide whether they will continue under the same agency or leave, which seems to be the case for Lisa, one of the BLACKPINK members.

Thanks to this situation, BLACKPINK fans, also known as BLINKS, have been demanding a definitive statement from the company to clarify the issue regarding the contract renewal of Lisa, Rosé, Jennie and Jisoo. The intrigue surrounding their departure of the label, and the potential split of the girl band, has been distressing hundreds of millions of fans.

At the moment, it is still unclear whether the “As If It’s Your Last” singers will renew their contract with their agency. However, what it is certain is that YG Entertainment’s stock price has been dropping since these rumors came to light. For example, On September 14, the company’s shares closed at 79,300 won (approximately $59.65), and as of today, the shares have gone down to 73,900 won, marking a 9.55% decline. 

The issue regarding BLACKPINK’s contract renewal has sparked different debates on social media, since YG’s contract with BLACKPINK ended on August 7th. The company has stated that the process with the quartet is still ongoing, with a 50 million won offer that YG made to member Lisa, which she has reportedly rejected.

Stay tuned for more news regarding the contract renewal of these Kpop mega stars.

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