Yeonjun of TXT spills the tea on Kpop girl groups and his opinion is not the best

Yeonjun of TXT spills the tea on Kpop girl groups and his opinion is not the best

MOAs, the fandom of Tomorrow X Together (TXT), better grab a cup because Yeonjun, one of the members of the group, spilled some true tea about the Kpop world! He recently got very real about the dynamics of this South Korean genre – and we’re all ears (& eyes) to learn about what he says.

In a recent interview, the TXT boy had on the talk show “Bam House,” with BAMBAM, a member of the legendary Kpop boy band GOT7, Yeonjun said some things that left all MOAs shook! He was not shy to admit that boy bands face more challenges compared to their girl group counterparts.

Now, get this fact: Kpop is a genre that evolves through eras, and we’re currently in the 4th one. Due to this, it is no surprise that host, BAMBAM, threw the following question: “How does it feel like to be active in the industry as part of the fourth generation?”

And what did Yeonjun say? Something a little bittersweet. Our boy spilled that being part of the fourth-gen in Kpop as a boy band member can be hard for real, especially due to favoritism towards girl bands, who seem to be the go-to Kpop music for listeners, according to him.

It just seems like boy groups are less favoured by the public. That leads to us not being as recognized as girl groups as well,” he says.

Yeonjun, being the king that he is, gave 100% convincing proof “If you take a look at all the Top 100 music charts you’ll see most of them are songs by girl groups, not boy groups,” he said, referencing the South Korean music market. He also admitted girl gangs have actual bops, but that doesn’t take away from him wanting a bigger spotlight for his boys.

But no time for tears, MOA! TXT is always serving bop after bop – as they should! They recently came back with their jam “Chasing That Feeling” from their fresh-out-the-oven album “The Name Chapter: FREEFALL.” Yeonjun might have some feelings about the industry, but he ain’t stopping the good work!

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