XG dazzle on the cover of Billboard, they have that “X” factor you’ve been looking for!

XG dazzle on the cover of Billboard, they have that “X” factor you’ve been looking for!

The seven dazzling members of XG have been recently making major moves internationally. This girl gang, which is composed of Japanese members, first debuted in 2022 with “Tippy Toes.” Since then, they have been slaying in the South Korean scene and have also shown their magic in different festivals and gigs in the United States!

The fierce lineup of XG includes four fire rappers: Jurin, Maya, Harvey, and Cocona. Then, they also got three vocalists with caramel-like voices: Hinata, Juria, and Chisa. Need proof of these facts? Go check out their bops “Left Right” or “New Dance,” in case you want to see these ladies slaying!

Now, if you check out these songs, you’ll realize two very important factors. First, even though they vibe with Kpop, they don’t actually define their music inside that genre. Instead, they say XG is all about that R&B style mixed with some hip-hop and dance splashes – and we’re here for it. Second, every bop they have up until now has been sung completely in English.

Also, even though XG seems like your typical Kpop group, here’s a twist: they’ve introduced a fresh genre, X-pop. Jurin says the “X” denotes something unique, and XG’s music and visuals challenge the status quo. You can check these facts by listening to “Puppet Show,” a jam that showcases all their vibes.

“The letter ‘X’ is often used to show something special or unknown. Imagine a world where we could play different roles, where girls be taking control,” they affirmed.

And don’t get it wrong, these talented girls are not from some low-cost producing team. Not at all! They hail from the label XGALX, backed by Tokyo’s Avex, who previously blessed us with legends like BoA and BIGBANG.

If you are thirsty for some content, then you can always listen to their debut EP, titled “NEW DNA.”