WILL” promotions with an outro video

WILL” promotions with an outro video

ATEEZ has never ceased to amaze their fans, better known as ATINY, with their amazing musical projects. Particularly, from their three-part project, “THE WORLD,” which was successfully promoted, and created a hyping atmosphere about the boys’ plans for 2024.

Earlier this month, ATEEZ surprised everyone with a promotion map for their era, “THE WORLD EP. FIN: WILL” that started with their title track, “Crazy Form,” and is set to end with four new videos every week starting on January 3, 2024.

On December 31, KST, KQ Entertainment unveiled an outro video to signal the end of promotional activities for the last part of “THE WORLD” trilogy. The video shows a bluebird flying up as the “Crazy Form” video set is shown, the mysterious video ends with a close-up of a table with a “Crazy Form,” blueprint spread out.

ATINY is going to be completely fed by ATEEZ during 2024, as the idols have already geared up for an amazing next year. “THE WORLD EP. FIN: WILL” is already a global phenomenon as the album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 with 152,000 album units sold, proving the boys are here to stay for a little longer.