Will he abandon music? BTS’ V plans to return to K-dramas with a villain role

Will he abandon music? BTS’ V plans to return to K-dramas with a villain role

V, from the boy group BTS, has surprised his followers around the world by implicitly answering a question that many have asked themselves, and that is whether the idol would abandon his musical career with the aim of returning to acting.

Currently, the idol has been a trend on social networks due to the release of his first solo album titled ‘Layover‘, a project that has excited ARMYs around the world who can now enjoy the complete repertoire of songs from the acclaimed South Korean.

However, his supposed retirement from music has also been a topic of conversation, because apparently now the artist wants to venture into the world of acting, a fact that has not surprised fans since V has already worked in another production of this type, ‘Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth‘.

The first rumors began with speculation that the BTS member would be part of the hit Korean Netflix series titled ‘Squid Game‘. This was later denied when it was announced the new members of the cast for the second installment of this production, where the idol was not part.

Although Taehyung has not directly shared that he wants to retire from music, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, when the interviewer asked him if it was true that at some point in his life he has thought about playing a villain, the idol confirmed it saying the following:

I have always admired and observed the villain characters of some movie or series. And I have told many of my friends or close people that I have the ambition to play a villain at least once“.