Will BTS disband or continue together after their 2025 reunion?

Will BTS disband or continue together after their 2025 reunion?

Despite the fact that the famous K-Pop group BTS is serving in the South Korean army, they have assured that the seven members will reunite in 2025 to make a great comeback, but many wonder if the boys will disband after that.

During the interview show Suchwita, hosted by Suga, he said, “We want to put on a great performance, and it’s so fun when we meet ARMY“. He continues, “I think we can do 10 more years for just that reason alone“, leaving the responsibility on their fans.

For his part, Jimin said, “BTS exists, and I exist within BTS“, said the idol, and added the following: “So, I desperately want to continue our lives together for a long time“. But they were not the only ones to share their thoughts, as RM and Jungkook also shared some words.

The leader, RM, shared, “I feel incredibly fortunate to have six other members with whom I can openly share my concerns and troubles“, and Jungkook concluded by saying, “I hope there’s a new future ahead of us“.

The words of the BTS members have demonstrated that all of them are happy to be in the group and to continue their career together, but besides their desire to expand their solo projects, they also need the support of their loyal fans in every step.