Watch and Streaming Scariest Movies on Netflix in October 2022

scary movies on netflix

October is a month when the leaves begin to fall and the temperature gets cooler by the day. But before the jingle bells can be heard, there’s still time for some genuine scares as Halloween slowly makes its approach.

Now, fans of horror rejoice as they watch films new and old that evoke a certain spooky vibe that can only be met during the Halloween season. That said, some may not have their own collection to turn to and must rely on streaming services like Netflix. So now, with October officially here, what are some of the scariest films to watch on the service?


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Is a More Mature Teen Horror

Based on the children’s book of the same name, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is a film set in the late ’60s that chronicles some of the scariest tales from the book. As a group of kids fights to evade a curse created by a witch, they encounter terrifying creatures inspired by the stories within the pages of the classic book. But because there are no punches pulled in terms of detail, this family film may be more mature than younger viewers could anticipate, making it both a great adaptation and an unsuspecting horror movie for fans of the genre.


Crimson Peak Takes Gothic Ghost Stories to a New Level

Another classic yet gothic tale by Guillermo Del Toro, Crimson Peak, is a ghost story through and through. It follows a young woman who falls for a wealthy but mysterious man and is taken to the dilapidated manor of Crimson Peak. However, not long after she arrives, strange supernatural occurrences take place that leads to a twist none could forget. But many fans of Del Toro know to stick around for the scares and effects that have made the film an underrated horror classic.


The Old Ways Is a Unique and Unexpected Folk Horror Story

A folk horror film at its heart, The Old Ways is a unique tale of exorcisms and witchcraft as it relates to the mysterious and dangerous customs of magic in indigenous cultures. The film follows a young woman with her own vices, trying to avoid a demon that has followed her for most of her life. The Old Ways is filled with unique lore surrounding those that call themselves bruja and also has its fair share of creative scares to offer a story reminiscent of The Exorcist with far more geographical history tied to it.


The Devil Below Offers B-Movie Monster Thrills

The Devil Below isn’t a great film by any stretch of the imagination. However, what it lacks in a cohesive story can be more than made up for in B-movie thrills. The film follows a group of people that have traveled down into a mine only to find that it’s a hub of terrifying humanoid creatures that devour humans. From there, the film is a traditional monster film with survivors fighting off these violent creatures to reach the surface. While the story is straightforward, it still has its twists and turns and gives viewers a chance to enjoy a unique and creative story.


Aftermath Is a Scary Twist on the Haunted House Story

Aftermath is a film about a couple trying their best to save their marriage by any means necessary. For the couple in question, this means buying a house even though it has a mysterious history of its own. The couple begins to learn that things do bump in the night as they are slowly led to believe they’re being driven insane and turned against one another. But the reveal of the mysterious culprit is one no viewer could’ve expected. Aftermath may not be a traditional ghost story, but it will have audiences checking their home before bed.