Was J-Hope from BTS an inspiration for the movie ‘Red, White and Royal Blue’?

Was J-Hope from BTS an inspiration for the movie ‘Red, White and Royal Blue’?

After its recent release, the film titled ‘Red, White and Blue Blood‘ has caught the attention of ARMYs around the world for an alleged statement indicating that one of its characters would be inspired by BTS member J-Hope.

Even though the BTS member is currently doing his mandatory military service in South Korea, ARMYs cannot help but remember him in every detail, and this time it is a series that includes a character inspired by him.

This production ‘Red, White and Blue Blood’ based on a novel by Casey McQuiston of the same name, has been available on Amazon Prime since June of this year where it became a success for its romantic comedy story that captivated all its viewers.

It tells the story between Alex the son of the president of the United States and Prince Henry of Great Britain, who begin with a rivalry that threatens to destroy international alliances, however when they are forced to a truce their relationship becomes something more.

In the cast of this production there are different characters such as Percy Okonjo or ‘Fish‘, played by Malcolm Atobrah, who according to recent reports from an X user, the author of the book was inspired by the BTS member, reflecting in him the idol’s personality, someone very happy and sociable as well as an eccentric taste for fashion.

Watch the trailer for this Amazon Prime movie titled ‘Red, White and Blue Blood’ below:

Red, White, & Royal Blue - Official Trailer | Prime Video

What do you think about the writer of this successful production was inspired by J-Hope from BTS for this character?