V of BTS marks a milestone in Tiny Desk with his band of musicians from the United States

V of BTS marks a milestone in Tiny Desk with his band of musicians from the United States

V of BTS has been going non-stop with the promotion of his latest studio album, “Layover.” Much to the delight of his fans, the project has spawned 4 singles in a short time period: “Love Me Again,” “Rainy Days, “For Us” and “Blue.” With all this material, it is no surprise that the South Korean idol gets hands on deck to perform his latest tracks, which have earned him awards at South Korean music shows!

But aside from all the glamour and performative aspects of these performances, the BTS member surprised fans (known as ARMY) with his own performance for Tiny Desk Korea. With this, V became the very first Kpop artist to ever perform on NPR’s Tiny Desk series, marking a milestone for the South Korean idol in this live musical tradition.

The performance was filmed in August in Seoul, South Korea with an eight-member band of musicians. The team mostly consisted of artist who had flown all the way from the United States just to participate in the performance, while some others were already based in Seoul.

The singer kicked off his show with “Love Me Again,” a soulful ballad about missing an ex-lover, then he followed up with “Slow Dancing,” a smooth R&B song about having a good time with your partner, and finally, he closed the set with “For Us.” Before wrapping up the show, the singer expressed that:

“These songs evoke a sense of fleeting tranquility, as if they effortlessly pass by and offer a soothing pause.”

A fun fact about this performance is that, since the show was filmed in August, this was one of the very first times V had performed the songs live. Thanks to this, the tracks have more of a fresh vibe and the live instrumentation elevates them to even higher places!

Check out the performance here:

V of BTS: Tiny Desk Korea