V of BTS drops his top 3 jams, and we’re loving them

V of BTS drops his top 3 jams, and we’re loving them

Okay, ARMY, it’s time to get in line! We all know V, aka Taehyung, is the total vibe king, right? Our boy is always sharing cool stuff with his fans, ARMY, and this time he took the occasion to spill the beans on those tracks he’s got on repeat. Buckle up, because you might lose control, and these tracks could blow your mind!

Now, Taehyung’s playlist? It’s not exactly what we’d expect from a BTS superstar. Let’s just say he likes to vibe with more chill tunes that showcase vocals and have that relaxing feeling. Sounds familiar, right? That’s because if you’ve listened to some of his solo songs, you’d be like “Ah-ha! That makes sense!”

So, straight from his Spotify playlist, here are the bops he’s been jamming to. They all hold a special place in the BTS member’s heart and are also loaded with some real feelings. Enough suspense, let’s just dive in:

1: Boys II Men – “End of The Road”

Who saw this one coming? V definitely has a soft spot for that soulful classic music by Boys II Men. Our Kpop king even took some time on one of his live streams to bless us with his vocals, signing this total masterpiece. And the fans? Let’s just say ARMY had a TOTAL meltdown when he did that. It’s V’s ultimate bop and sits right at the top.

Boyz II Men - End Of The Road

2: Post Malone – “I’m Gonna Be”

Then we got this Posty Track from “Hollywood’s Bleeding.” We can say it was a total vibe, and V had us all in all feels when he sang it during a heart-wrenching moment. Previously, his grandma wasn’t in her best condition, and so this track just makes us totally emotional!

Post Malone - I'm Gonna Be (Audio)

3: Surfaces – “This View”

Now, this is a surprise pick! But if you think it over, it’s a fun, fresh and nice bop that totally captures V’s personality.

Surfaces - This View [Official Audio]

Let us know if you’re vibing with any of these bops in the comments below.