V of BTS confessed he regrets his solo debut for this unexpected reason

V of BTS confessed he regrets his solo debut for this unexpected reason

V of BTS is currently promoting his debut studio album, “Layover.” The album has gone to break pre-sales records for a solo artist in South Korea and has been warmly received by fans. It looks like there is no corner in the world where V’s new project is not talked about!

Well, a few days ago the idol (also known as Kim Taehyung) had an appearance in “Suchwita,” which is a show hosted by his fellow band member and friend Suga. During the friendly interview, both BTS members had the chance to chat while enjoying a meal and some drinks.

The interaction V had with his BTS bandmate was fairly similar to that he had with IU in her “IU’s Palette” show. This program is hosted by IU herself, and it is much more focused on live performances and music. During the show, IU provided her input regarding Taehyung’s new album and said she thought it was unexpected and wonderful. 

In addition, she expressed she felt really happy for both V’s presence in the show and for his solo debut, as she felt that his friend was showing his “true-self.” After hearing this, V said he tried his best to give his project his own style and affirmed he appreciates all the fans for the good reception the album has had.

However, V confessed he regrets one part of his solo debut. What exactly? According to the idol, Layover does not have any smash dance floor bangers, crazy dance steps or elaborated choreographies fans might enjoy. Jokingly, both IU and V said that for his next solo project, he would create dance floor anthems for his fans.

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