V of BTS breaks an unprecedented record with his debut album Layover

V of BTS breaks an unprecedented record with his debut album Layover

The highly anticipated debut album of BTS’s V has finally officially been released. The project, titled “Layover” has now landed on all platforms streaming platforms, and it didn’t take long for the Kpop idol to break an unprecedented record for any solo Kpop act. We’ll tell you what the buzz is all about here.

Taehyung’s (V’s birth name) solo album release is setting quite the milestone for other Kpop soloist who might want to follow along. Fortunately, his fans (also known as ARMY) are extremely ecstatic because V has been able to get himself an important record just a few hours upon releasing his very first solo project. The “Slow Dancing” singer has even gone to surpass some of his BTS bandmates with this release.

This time, “Layover” has officially made V the first and only artist in history to sell over 1.7 million copies on Hanteo (a South Korean chart) This showcases the considerable influence of the idol in his home country and specially, sets up the “bar” too high for other solo artists who might want to achieve the same with projects outside their groups.

Some of the details regarding this accomplishment include: breaking the previous first-day sales record set by his bandmate Suga and his project “D-Day,” which sold 1.07 million copies. In addition, surpassing the record for most sales in the first week, previously held by his fellow member Jimin with “Face” (1.45 million). As of now, V has earned a total of 1.7 million sales (and they are still counting).

Unfortunately, it had been said that V’s first-day sales went up to over 2.2 million copies in the Hanteo Chart. However, more than 500,000 were not counted as there had been some problems with the orders made by fans. This will be no problem, as V will probably reach that amount in a very short time, considering most of the copies he has been able to sell are pre-orders. Because of this, it is very likely that people who did not get the album ahead of time are inevitably captivated by V’s R&B influence and dreamy vibes in this unique project.

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