Usher claims BTS’ Jungkook resembles Michael Jackson

Usher claims BTS’ Jungkook resembles Michael Jackson

Usher is on everyone’s mind because of tonight’s Super Bowl Halftime show, which will take place amid the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers game at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium. The American artist has caused a fuss on social media after an interview resurfaced online where he claims BTS’ Jungkook is an early Michael Jackson being.

The Golden Maknae and Usher surprisingly released a remix of Jungkook’s title track, “Standing Next to You” on December 15, 2023. Despite Jungkook having already enlisted in the military, the song quickly escalated in popularity on numerous social media and became Jungkook’s blueprint for his excellence and dedication.

During the promotion of the performance music video, Usher agreed to be interviewed on iHeartRadio. The American artist unveiled he wanted to participate in the “Standing Next to You” remix because he wanted to belong to this magic song, but he also admitted that Jungkook’s dancing skills completely resemble Michael Jackson’s.

“Standing; Next To You” was obviously a smash when Jungkook put it out and I just wanted to participate in the magic. … I love this song because it made me feel like early Michael Jackson.”

The online community split in two just hours before his 2024 Super Bowl halftime show because he shouldn’t be comparing Michael Jackson’s legacy to Jungkook’s legacy. However, some others strongly believe that Jungkook’s music career has been highly influenced by Michael’s trajectory so the comparisons are reasonable.