Upcoming K-Drama ‘The Matchmakers’ released a new teaser

Upcoming K-Drama ‘The Matchmakers’ released a new teaser

Rowoon and Cho Yi Hyun have been the talk of the town since they got confirmed as the leading role from the upcoming K-drama, ‘The Matchmaker’ this new Rom-Com has been one of the most awaited series from this year and already unveiled numerous secrets during a new teaser.

“The Matchmakers” is on everyone’s gaze because of its interesting plot, it tells the story of the young widower, Shim Jung Woo played by Rowwon and the young widow, Jung Soon Deok, played by Cho Yi Hyun. The complexity of this narratives lies in the struggle of the two leading roles who have to marry off Joseon era’s unmarried women and men who are considered older than the typical prime age range.

This series already caused a lot of furor among the fans who stated they cannot wait until they watch the series that is set to be premiere on October 30. Fortunately, the fans were given with an special gift, a new teaser which begins with a  wedding march playing in the background as Shim Jung and Jung Soon introduce themselves proudly. The widowed son-in-law of the King Shim Jung Woo made a shocking comment:

“I have been writing appeals related to marriage [annulment] for eight years.There are no cases about marriage that I don’t know about.

In addition, Jung Soon Deok became got the spotlight by introducing herself as the goddess of the matchking fluttering her red jangot. She added “There is no failure for me!” which increased the hype among the fans. You can watch the full teaser below:

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