United States Kpop girl group VCHA received unexpected backlash after debuting

United States Kpop girl group VCHA received unexpected backlash after debuting

Recently, the new kpop girl band, put together in partnership by JYP Entertainment and United States label, Republic Records, made its pre-debut with the single “SeVit (NEW LIGHT),”and the song “Y.O. Universe.” Upon taking the spotlight for the first time, the group was warmly received by international fans, especially Western ones, who were able to see them grow in the reality competition show where they were first introduced, “A2K.”

Before venturing into the United States, the 6-member girl group first tested the waters in South Korea, which is normally more open to these types of acts. They performed their song “Y.O. Universe” in Music Bank, where they received the applause and praise of the audience after performing their song.

However, their pre-debut was not exempt of hate and criticism. While some expected South Korean users to react negatively at the fact that some members did not come from any Asian backgrounds, this was not the case. Actually, they criticized and showed concern due to the age of the members in the group.

Currently, none of the members is and adult, with all girls being under 18 years old. Here is the breakdown:

Lexus Vang (16).
KG Crown (15).
Camila Ribeaux Valdes (17).
Savanna Collins (16).
Kaylee Lee (12).

Due to this, a number of people expressed their discontent at their ages, especially at the United States-South Korean member Kaylee, who is 12 years old. Comments ranged from people who said (in Korean) things like, “What is up with the 12-year-old?” to ““Wow, I’m not even remotely interested in this group, LOL. Should I sell my JYP shares (stocks)?”

The comments come across as unnecessarily excluding, since other idols, such as NewJeans, are widely successful and are also under 18 years old. Moreover, BoA, who is considered by many as the “Queen of Kpop” debuted at 13 years old in 2000, and that did not stop her from becoming a force to be reckoned with in Kpop.

And you, do you really care about idol’s ages in their groups?

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