United States Kpop girl group VCHA drop a new song “Ready For The World”

United States Kpop girl group VCHA drop a new song “Ready For The World”

Remember that fierce reality show “A2K“? That’s where the United States Kpop group VCHA was put together. In case you didn’t know, these talented girls come from JYP Entertainment, in collaboration with Republic Records. This group has big plans, and it’s on the way to becoming the first Western Kpop girl group using a Kpop system.

The group, made up of members Lexi, KG, Camila, Savanna, Kaylee and Kendal, has already released their pre-debut single “SeVit (NEW LIGHT),” and the song “Y.O. Universe.” Now, the girls are back with another single, titled “Ready for the World,” with a dazzling performance video.

Sounds familiar? Well, if you had the chance to watch the reality show where they came from, this could probably be the perfect flashback to the opening of the “A2K” series. That’s right! The “I am ready for the world, is the world ready for me” track is now available in full form for all of us to bop to it!

In the video, we can see all members performing the song, showcasing their sharp moves and synchronized choreography. But that’s not everything, oh no! They also gave some nostalgic visuals of their time as trainees on the show. It’s definitely a throwback to the times when these young girls were fighting for a spot in the competition.

Fast-forward to now: VCHA is ready to slay the world and will be putting all their efforts into becoming the first Western Kpop group, joining the likes of global groups like XG. These groups perform their songs in English, but establish most of their identity within Kpop fan bases to later appeal to wider audiences.

VCHA "Ready for the World" Performance Video