TXT’s Soobin shares his Top 3 of the hottest boys in Korea

TXT’s Soobin shares his Top 3 of the hottest boys in Korea

‘The K-Star Next Door’, is a television program where some members of the band TXT were recently invited, a very pleasant interview was carried out where you can see the 3 members of the group Beomgyu, Soobin and Hueningkai very relaxed, answering everything confidently and making jokes with each other.

In this variety show, host Jonathan Thona had the K-Pop idols share a lot of information about the group, answering interesting questions about how their group dynamics work in songs, their musical skills, and who is the most handsome, Soobin even shared his Top 3 of the hottest boys in Korea.

When Beomgyu was asked the reason why he frecuently start songs, he responded that the main reason is because he helps capture the audience’s attention with his incredible visual making them curious to know who will be next.

However, Soobin, laughingly intervened to say that this was not true, and claimed that the real reason is that Beomgyu cannot reach high notes. Starting a playful discussion between the idols that ended when the presenter asked them who was the most handsome in the room.

To which Soobin responded without hesitation that there are three very attractive men in Korea, and although he was embarrassed to admit it, he would say who they are, the first two would be the actors Hyun Bin and Won Bin, and later he mentions him as the third hottest.

Finally, Hueningkai comments that the chorus lines are quite coveted and are a very fundamental part of each song and the reason why he gets the privilege of this part most of the time is because it is the cutest.

Check out the full video of this fun debate between TXT members about who is the most handsome:

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Are you agree with the Top 3 hottest boys in Korea, according to TXT Soobin?