TXT is set to appear in a special episode of “Crayon Shin-chan”

TXT is set to appear in a special episode of “Crayon Shin-chan”

TXT has been the talk of the town because of the latest release from the band, “The Name Chapter: FREEFALL,” which met critical acclaim and success all around the world. The boy band has made their way into the music industry and nowadays are recognized as one of the most influential bands in the K-pop scene. Recently, they trespassed the music barrier and are set to appear in the beloved series, “Crayon Shin-Chan.”

On October 21, BigHit Music gave special news to TXT’s fans, better known as MOA, because they caught them off guard by announcing that TXT would be making an appearance on the widely popular Japanese series, “Crayon Shin-Chan,” which first began airing in 1992.

After 31 years after this successful series, it still finds a way to stay fresh through the decades, and the inclusion from TXT demonstrates it. An animated version of the five members is set to make a special appearance in the series entitled, “TXT Is Here” where the idols are going to teach their devoted fan Shin-Chan the dance to their song, “Happy Fools.”

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The boy band recorded their own dialogue in Japanese and recorded their dialogue in Korean for the dubbed version of the series, which is set to air in Korea at a later date after the Japanese premiere. Surprises didn’t stop there after it was confirmed that TXT is also set to appear in the “Shin-chan” comic, and “Crayon Shin-chan” is also going to unveil merchandise related to the idols.

Undoubtedly, TXT has hit the nail on the head again by making this appearance which surely is going to boost their careers and their latest album, “The Name Chapter: FREEFALL.” The episode is going to air on October 28 on Japan’s TV Asahi. While you wait, you can enjoy, TXT’s “Chasing That Feeling” below:

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