TXT boys are exposed as dirty and messy

TXT boys are exposed as dirty and messy

The boys belonging to the K-Pop group TXT have recently been interacting with their audience, as the five members of the band made the decision to show their fandom called MOA what a day with them is like, sharing the intimacy of their rooms.

What surprised their fans the most was the disorganized way in which they maintained the house. There does not seem to be any type of rule of coexistence, something that is to be expected with young boys living alone and experiencing success for the first time, but their fans were not very happy.

Hygiene guarantees are very non-existent in the TXT dormitories. Among the most notable things, we can highlight a bicycle next to the kitchen, all the group’s dirty shoes thrown in a messy way at the main entrance, many bags of candy everywhere, food, and the work area with many things that are not for work.

For its part, PPULVERSE quickly saw the perfect way to motivate the kids to clean up their mess and posted a kind of exchange on Twitter, stating that if TXT’s new song titled ‘Chasing That Feeling’ made it onto Billboard’s Hot 100, they would share a room cleaning vlog.

Although the publication was shared unknown to TXT, shortly after uploading it, it was completely deleted, but everyone had already seen the tweet and the images, so there was no turning back. There is no doubt that these guys must fulfill many responsibilities, so cleaning is not on their priorities.

On the other hand, TXT is the first group to debut with BigHit Music after BTS, so it is expected that their results will be wonderful. Even so, we could say that they have fulfilled a part since their first album, ‘The Dream Chapter: Star‘ It was a great success, exceeding expectations.