TWICE unveils plans of a stadium tour in Japan, marking a record along the way

TWICE unveils plans of a stadium tour in Japan, marking a record along the way

Kpop sensation, TWICE, is ready to conquer Japan, one more time! This time, the nine-piece girl group is not hitting the stage. Oh, no! They’re also making a record as the first Kpop girl group and foreign female artists to slay the legendary Nissan Stadium, just like that! These results are all thanks to ONCE (that’s the name of TWICE fans) who are now gearing up to be part of this monumental moment!

The dazzling news broke on December 28th, with TWICE’s agency (JYP Entertainment) spilling that hot concert tea on Twice Japan’s YouTube channel. The announcement? Their 5th world tour, “READY TO BE in JAPAN SPECIAL,” which is set to be a total showstopper. Picture this: TWICE, lightning up two Japanese stadiums in the biggest concerts they’ve ever had, so far.

So these are the plans: there are a total of four mega concerts planned at Yanmar Stadium Nagai in Osaka and the iconic Nissan Stadium in Kanagawa. This means TWICE will see the faces of around 240,000 fans, creating memories, singing, chanting, and dancing along. The result? A celebration of music and unity for the people who love the “Alcohol-Free” idols.

But did you think the girls were new to this stadium concert craze? Oh, no! They’ve performed and sold out the SoFi and MetLife Stadiums in the United States, proving TWICE is not only a Kpop sensation in South Korea, but they also have the American and Japanese audiences in their pockets.

Who’s ready to see TWICE shine like never before? Catch the announcement of the concerts here: