TWICE unveils concept photos for “With YOU-th”

TWICE unveils concept photos for “With YOU-th”

TWICE has surprised the whole world with the announcement of their 13th mini album, “With YOU-th.” The girls have garnered a great audience not only in South Korea but worldwide, which makes this new release something truly special for the fans, better known as Once.

On February 12, KST at Midnight TWICE released new stunning concept photos, including group and individual ones, as part of the promotion schedule for “With YOU-th.” The beautiful pictures with a luxurious cityscape lodging eagerly show what’s the album to be about.

The nine members look more radiant and gorgeous than ever, the new concept photos embody the confidence, sensuality, and ethereal aura the album is meant to give. The landscape highlights the girls’ beauty even more in this photoshoot.

Once has stated they cannot wait until February 23, KST until the album is released. As part of TWICE’s schedule, they are still going, teasing the album to the very deadline of release. While you wait for this amazing release, you can watch the “I GOT YOU” music video below: