TREASURE’s Haruto undergoes an intense diet after body shaming

TREASURE’s Haruto undergoes an intense diet after body shaming

Haruto, a member of TREASURE, had proven to be very confident regarding his physical appearance; even during the first 2 years of his debut in the group, he received constant praise for his great physical attractiveness, thus captivating all his followers.

Even through social networks or live concerts, his followers and those who are not fans agreed that the idol was really handsome, which increased the singer’s confidence. However, it seems that opinions have changed since, in the last month, he has publicly become a victim of body shaming.

It was in the month of September that it all started. When the members of TREASURE were at the airport to take a flight, there were fans and Korean media that photographed the group, and one particular photo of this idol went viral, as it was commented that he was overweight.

As the days went by, everything was forgotten for Internet users, but the Korean singer did not forget the harsh criticism, so through a live broadcast on Weverse, he confessed that he was very affected by the comments he received. That’s why he decided to look for a solution.

On October 19th, Haruto told his fans, “I’m on a diet right now because an unusual photo was published once. So I’m currently on a diet. And I’ve already stopped drinking cola, and I also eat one meal a day“, all this because of a ‘bad photo’ taken at the airport last month.

No matter how much security and high self-esteem idols may demonstrate, we must remember that they are still people and that by always interacting with their audience, they will notice all the comments, whether good or bad, affecting them or prompting them to exploit their potential.

Haruto showed that the opinions of Internet users hurt him. “Is he an idol? Stop lying, he’s frankly ugly“, and “Seriously, Haruto doesn’t look very healthy” were the most recurrent comments, which led the Korean to take extreme and worrying measures with his diet.