Top 10 most played K-Pop artists on Spotify 2023

Top 10 most played K-Pop artists on Spotify 2023

Recently, the most important music streaming platform worldwide released a list that revealed the most played K-Pop artists on Spotify during the year 2023. Here we present to you the Top 10:

1. BTS: This well-known group only released one single in 2023 titled ‘Take Two’, and its success was so big that it was enough to rank first on the top.

2. BLACKPINK: ranked second even though their last comeback with new music content was in 2022, proving their huge popularity.

3. Jungkook: BTS’ Maknae managed to climb up to the third spot thanks to his solo tracks ‘Standing Next to You’ and ‘3D’ that reached millions of plays.

4. NewJeans: Despite debuting recently, they have achieved success in the industry with songs such as ‘Super Shy’, ‘ETA’, and ‘Ditto’, which made it to the fourth spot.

5. Stray Kids: His popular release songs have allowed them to rise quickly, reaching the top 5 of the most played songs on Spotify.

6. Jimin: This BTS group member had the opportunity to make his solo debut this year with his album ‘Face’ which stayed at the top of the Billboard chart for several weeks.

Closing the Top 10 are the well-known groups TWICE at number 7, followed by SEVENTEEN at number 8, then TXT at number 9, and finally the girlgroup LE SSERAFIM at number 10 in the top.