This is why IU will be ‘uncomfortable’ around BTS’ V after recording ‘Love Wins All’ MV

This is why IU will be ‘uncomfortable’ around BTS’ V after recording ‘Love Wins All’ MV

The successful music video ‘Love Wins All‘ of the singer IU with the participation of BTSV has received much praise thanks to the incredible story and great chemistry between the idols, which were also seen in the behind-the-scenes video where the two revealed many details of the recordings.

Between the unexpected revelations, IU shared the reason why she will be ‘uncomfortable‘ around BTS’ V after recording the ‘Love Wins All’ MV, which took place in a forest on the outskirts of Seoul to give off a post-apocalyptic vibe and lasted three days.

Due to the fact that the first two days were really difficult for the actors, when IU woke up on the third morning, she called the idol, afraid that he would resign from the filming. The female singer also said that she would understand him due to how difficult the past few days were.

As soon as I woke up this morning, I checked on V. ‘You didn’t go to Seoul, did you?’” she said. “Even if V said he went back to Seoul, no one would have blamed him. Because we put him through so much trouble yesterday that it’ll be inhuman to blame him for that”.

“How can I repay him? After this shoot, I think I’ll be uncomfortable around V“, IU added. “He’s so kind. He’s back at the site today”, she finally said, praising his perseverance in this work.