This is how HYBE prepares its trainees to debut as idols

This is how HYBE prepares its trainees to debut as idols

Today, December 19th, ‘HYBE T&D Stories‘ was launched on the Youtube platform, which shows how HYBE prepares its trainees to debut as idols. This 5-episode series will feature members of BTS, Tomorrow X Together, ENHYPEN, &TEAM, and LE SSERAFIM.

Some members of these HYBE label groups share their experience during the learning process with their T&D educators, who in turn candidly reveal what exercises they perform and what their vision is for the trainees.

According to HYBE T&D, “students are like precious uncut gems, and their goal is to refine them until they reach their full potential“, so the training begins with listening to diverse music that allows them to express emotions and then moves on to the ‘Showdown’ program, which includes lyric writing and dance battles.

The program is completely personalized for each student, which allows for perfecting their strengths as well as their weaknesses. As it happened with BTS’ Jimin, who had to adjust his dance style from his experience in contemporary dance, it is noteworthy that the key to its new training system is autonomy, responsibility, and a healthy relationship of trust.

HYBE is known for being a giant in the K-Pop genre; however, it recently took its first step into the Latin market as it legally acquired the music division of Spanish-language studio Exile Content to open a new division in Mexico, which could expand even more Korean culture in the world.