The uncomfortable situation that BTS’ Jungkook experienced at the Incheon airport

The uncomfortable situation that BTS’ Jungkook experienced at the Incheon airport

Jungkook from BTS in recent months has become a recurring traveler, everything seems to indicate that his schedule has become tighter after the preparation of his new solo album, on October 14th we were able to observe him at the Incheon airport.

That day he would make his flight to Hungary, to fulfill a commitment, although his day was going like any other, the idol ended up experiencing an uncomfortable moment due to poor treatment by the airport security force, many of those present claim that it was an unnecessary action.

The idol, who carried a camera in his hand while heading to his destination, was happy greeting the ARMYs who were hoping to see him before his flight to Budapest, as well as some media outlets who wanted to ask the singer some questions.

Despite being in a bit of a hurry, he took the time to answer a series of questions, BTS’ Golden Maknae headed to the checkpoint, where he would encounter an uncomfortable situation that the present media, Dispatch, would capture on video.

When Jungkook was trying to pass through the airport security checkpoint, he was stopped and pushed, preventing him from passing. It is speculated that the reason could have been because he was carrying a camera and there are certain areas that cannot be recorded, however the guard could have notified him verbally, without this physical action.

Filming is not allowed after a certain part at the airport and it is the staff’s duty to remind people. HOWEVER with words!“, “There was absolutely no need for the staff to push Jungkook back. He was the only one who had the camera low and pointing away from the others“, were some of the comments from fans.

What do you think of this uncomfortable situation Jungkook lived in the Incheon airport?