The SEVENTEEN members spill the beans on their most recent mini-album

The SEVENTEEN members spill the beans on their most recent mini-album

The SEVENTEEN guys have been serving us major vibes and bops this year. Just about 6 months after blessing our ears (and eyes) with their chart-breaking mini-album “FML,” our 13 kings are ready to rock the stages with their 11th mini-album “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN,” which dropped earlier this week, on Monday, October 23.

After finally listening to this collection of bops, we have to admit it: it’s everything we didn’t know we needed! The EP kicks off with “SOS,” a Marshmello co-produced English track. Then we keep the party going with the massive “God of Music,” a funky jam with good vibes. We also got “Diamond Days,” a total throwback to their early days, as it samples their very first original hit, “Shining Diamond.”

But what do the SEVENTEEN guys have to say about the creation process of this mini-album? Actually, a lot! Teen Vogue got the tea from members Joshua, Mingyu, Vernon, and Dino on that behind-the-scenes kind of thing we love to read, and they made some really cool points!

First, Teen Vogue put our guys on the spot when they asked SEVENTEEN if there was any pressure leading up to this new mini-album. Why would they ask this? Well, with their previous project, “FML” they literally broke sales records, so there must’ve been crazy expectations when it came down to a new EP. The answer? The boys admitted that the numbers they pulled off did give them a little pressure, but they were confident “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN” would slay the charts as well! Talk about some secure kings.

They also revealed that they had a super tight schedule. Insane, right? Actually, all the gorgeous promo pics you’ve seen for this era were all taken as SEVENTEEN were promoting “FML,” so they were super busy back then. They also spilled the tea on their feelings for their latest single, “God of Music.” The verdict? All members truly loved it! They knew it was going to be their next title track as soon as they heard that demo.

And we sure love it too! Catch SEVENTEEN’s latest bop here:

SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) '음악의 신' Official MV