The Santa Clauses season 2 trailer released by Disney

The Santa Clauses season 2 trailer released by Disney

Mad Santa comes for Tim Allen in new trailer for The Santa Clauses season 2, set to debut on Disney+ next month.

If you’re ready for a little Christmas cheer, Disney has released the new trailer for The Santa Clauses season 2. The new season finds the Calvin family back in the North Pole as Scott (Tim Allen) continues his role as Santa Claus after his retirement plans were thwarted when he failed to find a worthy successor in the first season. Now that Scott and his family have successfully saved Christmas, Scott turns his focus towards training his son Cal to take over the family business as Santa Claus, but there are a few things standing in his way.

In addition to Tim Allen, the second season of The Santa Clauses will also feature Elizabeth Mitchell as Mrs. Claus/Carol, Elizabeth Allen-Dick as Sandra Calvin Claus, Austin Kane as Cal Calvin Claus, and Devin Bright as Santa’s elf bestie Noel. New additions to The Santa Clauses season 2 include Eric Stonestreet as Magnus Antas, aka The Mad Santa, Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias as Kris “Kringle” Moreno, and Tracey Morgan as the Easter Bunny, all of whom can seen in the new trailer. Matilda Lawler will also return as Betty, Santa’s chief of staff, as a recurring guest star.

The first season of The Santa Clauses found Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) returning after being Santa Claus for nearly thirty years, and he’s as jolly as ever. But as Christmas declines in popularity, so does his Santa magic. Scott struggles to keep up with the demands of the job, as well as being there for his family. Upon discovering there is a way to retire from his post, Scott considers stepping down as Santa Claus and finding a worthy successor so that he can become a better father and husband.

Our own Alex Maidy reviewed The Santa Clauses prior to its debut and found a lot to like. “The Santa Clauses is not a bold reinvention of the franchise nor is it anything revolutionary when it comes to Christmas entertainment. What it does do, similar to Disney+ hit sequel Hocus Pocus 2, is find the reason why audiences connected with the original The Santa Clause and replicate it,” Maidy wrote. “By making this into a series, I felt more invested in Scott Calvin’s journey as Santa. The Santa Clauses is far funnier than the first three films combined and benefits from Tim Allen feeling energized in the role more than he has in years. This is a worthwhile watch that is a fitting revival of The Santa Clause series with welcome returns from fan-favorite characters and the introduction of new ones.” Check out the rest of Maidy’s review right here.

The first two episodes of The Santa Clauses season 2 will debut on Disney+ on November 8th.