The Puppetman trailer

The Puppetman trailer

Trailer: the supernatural horror film The Puppetman, starring Michael Pare, is coming to Shudder in October

The Puppetman, the latest horror film from writer/director Brandon Christensen (Z, SuperhostStill/Born), is set to be released through the Shudder streaming service on Friday, October 13th – and with that date just a couple weeks away, we have shared the film’s trailer to help you decide whether or not The Puppetman is a movie you’ll be adding to your Halloween season viewing list. You can check it out in the embed above.

Starring Michael Paré (Bad Moon), Caryn Richman (The New Gidget), and Alyson Gorske (Amy’s F**k It List), The Puppetman tells the following story: The Puppetman is a convicted killer on death row. He has always maintained his innocence saying it was an evil force controlling his body as he slaughtered his victims. Now Michal, the killer’s daughter, begins to suspect that there may be some truth to her father’s claim when those around her begin to die in brutal ways. All hope rests on her shoulders to break The Puppetman’s curse.

Zachary Le Vey (Run Hide Fight), Angel Prater (Animal Kingdom), Anna Telfer (Aquarium of the Dead), Kio Cyr (Give Me an A), Cameron Wong (NCIS), Jayson Therrien (Who Kidnapped My Mom?), Curtis Arney (Death Walker), Sean C. Sanders (The Horrific Evil Monsters), Joshua Cole (Clowns in the Woods), and newcomer Natalie Meetze are also in the cast.

Christensen had this to say about his new film: “The Puppetman harkens back to films like Final Destination where you take a group of friends and exploit them for horrifying deaths. We had a ton of fun developing these characters and then taking everything we know about them and turning it against themselves. While I’ve killed off characters before, it was nothing compared to the grotesque machinations that Shudder allowed us to do on The Puppetman.

Christensen crafted the story for the film with Ryan Christensen and Matt Manjourides. Manjourides also produced The Puppetman with Justin A. Martell – and their names might be familiar to genre fans because they are the executive producers of Shudder’s The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs.

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