The Korean sci-fi series on MAX that plans to dethrone Netflix’s K-dramas

The Korean sci-fi series on MAX that plans to dethrone Netflix’s K-dramas

The best Korean sci-fie series is now available on streaming plattform MAX and without doubt it might dethrone Netflix‘s k-dramas, as it’s no secret to anyone that the big red N produces the most popular Korean dramas, but MAX might change your mind.

W” is the Korean series available on MAX that you will love if you are a sci-fi fan, and it was even nominated for several Asian TV awards, and won some awards such as the ‘Grand Prize’ at the 36th MBC Drama Awards; and the Award of Excellence to a Korean Wave program.

What is the plot of the K-drama “W” about?

The ‘W’ synopsis reads as follows: “When a surgeon decides to go in search of her missing father, she is kidnapped by a wounded man who takes her to a virtual world, where she lives an unexpected and impossible love story“, definitely a great sci-fi premise to watch.

It was created by Song Jae Jung and stars the iconic Lee Jong Suk alongside Han Hyo Joo, as well as other amazing cast members such as Jung Yoo Jin, Lee Tae Hwan and Park Won Sang. With a runtime of 16 episodes of approximately 70 minutes, “W” might make you fall in love if you give it a chance.

Although Netflix undoubtedly is the streaming platform that currently dominates the genre, others such as Disney+, Amazon Prime and MAX are also making efforts to please their growing audience of Korean series. You can watch the trailer of “W” below:

W - Official Trailer | Lee Jong Suk & Han Hyo Joo 2016 New Korean Drama