The Kid LAROI confessed the details of what is to callaborate with BTS’ Jungkook

The Kid LAROI confessed the details of what is to callaborate with BTS’ Jungkook

On October 20th, The Kid LAROI finally released the long-awaited song in collaboration with one of the most popular K-Pop idols of the moment, Jungkook, from the group BTS, in addition to having the participation of rapper Central Cee in this musical song.

The name of this song is ‘Too Much‘, one that has become very popular since its release because this is the first time they participate in something together, leading this song to be a total success, and now the Australian has shared how this collaboration was and more details about it.

The interpreter of ‘Stay’ wanted to repeat the success he had with Canadian Justin Bieber; for that reason, he was looking for an artist who had similar characteristics and immediately thought of Jungkook, who has an incredible voice, a great fandom, and is very successful in the industry.

LAROI shared his thoughts when looking for a collaborator: “Who has not only the voice talent but also the star influence, someone who surprises and captives everyone when you hear him, just as if he’s kidding… it is 100% Jungkook, with no hesitation“, so he contacted the idol.

Since his first contact, the singer has not stopped praising the South Korean; he has described him on multiple occasions as a “sweetheart”. He said, “I hadn’t met Jungkook; it was my first time working with him. He is such a f*cking cutie, such a sweetheart!“.

The result of this song was better than The Kid Laroi imagined; he said that Junkook’s professionalism and talent are incredible and that he particularly showed a lot of emotion when recording the music video. He also highlighted that the rapper Central Cee was a fundamental piece for the song, and they had a lot of chemistry.

He also explained that everything happened very quickly due to the willingness of both singers to carry out the collaboration. In relation to Jungkook’s way of working, he said, “We sent the music to him; he did his part, and it sounded incredible. Then, we shot the video“. He also confessed that it was an honor to be with them: “I’m extremely fortunate to work with these two guys; they really motivate me“.

The Kid LAROI, Jung Kook, Central Cee - TOO MUCH (Official Video)