The Kid LAROI betrayed BTS’ Jungkook, and the idol threatens revenge

The Kid LAROI betrayed BTS’ Jungkook, and the idol threatens revenge

Jungkook, after his collaboration on the song ‘Too Much‘ with The Kid LAROI, has become closer to the Australian singer, being seen in some videos showing the good chemistry they have and how well they have gotten along, but recently the idol was betrayed by the singer and promises that he will take revenge.

Everything was revealed through a video where The Kid LAROI plans to play a prank on the BTS member, where he will make him believe that they will eat toast with chocolate cream; however, he will give him Vegemite, a very popular Australian food because it has the peculiarity of being extremely salty.

Although it is certainly an important fact, the Australian omitted to mention it to the Korean singer so that he could fall into the trap. Since the idol does not suspect anything, they begin to carry out the first steps of the recipe, which would be toasting some slices of bread and adding butter.

Then came the most important step for this prank: finding the Vegemite paste in all the bread, and The Kid LAROI made sure to add a lot for BTS’ Golden Maknae, who already noticed the whole situation as a little suspicious; however, he decided to go ahead and take a big bite of this breakfast.

Jungkook immediately realized that it was not chocolate; on the contrary, it has a strongly salty taste. He was surprised by what Vegemite was, and he understood very quickly that LAROI had played a joke on him. Although the Australian also took a bite, there was a promise.

The famous idol of the popular Korean pop band, laughing, made a promise to The Kid LAROI, where he confessed that he would take revenge, putting the Australian on alert, who evidently does not know what to expect in response to his prank.