The Haunted Mansion listed on Zillow for a hefty price

The Haunted Mansion listed on Zillow for a hefty price

Zillow has listed the Haunted Mansion for sale, complete with a virtual tour and teases for what viewers can expect with the upcoming movie.

Disney is getting viral with their marketing of this summer’s Haunted Mansion, with a listing for the property now on Zillow. The asking price? Your soul, bringing the number of happy haunts in the mansion up to 1,000. Seems a bit steep for only two bathrooms…

As per the official Zillow listing of the Haunted Mansion: “Only minutes from downtown New Orleans, just outside the city on a secluded bayou road, this property, which dates back to the late 19th century, has been miraculously preserved in its original condition. It is important to disclose that this property is indeed haunted, and its inhabitants inflict terror and promise eternal entrapment to all who enter. We are certain that you will find this place irresistible and promise that once you see it in person, you will find it impossible to leave it behind.” The 13,195-square ft. residence sits on a 1.35-acre property, which also boasts a gated entrance, a garden full of spirits and a seemingly year-round mist.

Zillow also offers a virtual tour of the 1823-built Haunted Mansion, which a top agent calls a “delightfully spirited home” as she guides us through doors that open on their own, into the library, living room with expandable walls, seance room, and more, complete with little surprises for all fans of the Haunted Mansion ride. (Even the presumably still photos that accompany the listing have a life of their own…) The mansion comes fully equipped with brimstone fireplaces, a stunning ballroom and, of course, the ghost of a bride in the attic. It still sounds safer than Vecna’s house!

Disney has been quite clever in handling Haunted Mansion, sometimes by force. While their Zillow listing for the Haunted Mansion itself has obviously been in the works for some time, they had to think fast over the weekend for the movie’s world premiere, with various Disney characters – including a number of villains – taking to the red carpet instead of the cast due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. Haunted Mansion arrives on July 28th.

What do you think of Disney’s marketing tactic of listing the Haunted Mansion on Zillow? Will you be seeing Haunted Mansion? Let us know below!