The daring threat that V from BTS has made to his fans, the ARMY

The daring threat that V from BTS has made to his fans, the ARMY

The idol V, of the famous boy group BTS, has surprised his fans with a daring threat towards them, with which the South Korean singer plans to leave ARMY without options to give him exactly what he wants and he asks for.

In a recent live broadcast, V made it clear how much he likes his fans’ vlogs that show their daily life, much more than the videos that simply show their hands unboxing albums. In this way, the idol subtly let his fans know that he wanted more of this content.

However, what the fandom did not expect was that later the idol would make the request again, being more demanding, this time with a different form of negotiation with which the ARMY could not argue, this in order to obtain the content of his preference from his fans.

To celebrate the release of his first solo album ‘Layover‘, the BTS member organized some streaming parties through the Stationhead platform, where he interacts with his fans live. It was in the most recent of these interactions when the idol unexpectedly threatened his fan.

This September 14th, the idol daringly threatened ARMY saying that if they did not publish vlogs, he would start publishing only photos of his hands and feet on his social networks, and would not show his face anymore, receiving countless reactions from his fans.

Although many are interested in seeing these parts of Taehyung, it is a fact that ARMY will heed the idol’s request just to continue seeing his beautiful face, however, beyond this, V’s fun and daring threat has made very happy all the fandom.

Check out the solo song of BTS’ V titled ‘Rainy Days‘ below: