the actor who plays Zoro in the live-action looks like BTS’ Jungkook twin

the actor who plays Zoro in the live-action looks like BTS’ Jungkook twin

Fans across social media platforms have been pointing out BTS’ Jungkook similarities with Mackenyu, the actor that plays Zoro in Netflix’s One Piece live-action. It appears to be that the resemblance between these two artists is quite astonishing.

Mackenyu Omaeda, who was born in Tokyo and spent part of his life in Los Angeles, has become a big name after playing Zoro in the series adaptation of One Piece. As a result, many fans of both the Netflix series actor and the BTS singer couldn’t resist drawing parallels between the pair.

This can be seen in pictures that highlight the facial features of the two Asian celebrities, which were actually the standout points fans talked about when comparing their faces. And what is the general consensus? Tons of people say they look like twins who were separated at birth.

Far from being upset, both Mackenyu and Jungkook’s fans, better known as ARMY, have joined the wave and played along with the comparisons, as they too have been able to find similarities between both superstars. Hopefully, the pair will meet, and then their supporters will get to see the two “separated twins at birth” in action.

As of now, Jungkook is currently enjoying the success of his solo project,  “Seven” which is still at the top of the most important streaming platforms. Similarly, Mackenyu is also under the spotlight thanks to bringing Zoro to life in the One Piece live-action, which became a total hit on Netflix, and it has been reportedly getting ready to start a second season.

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