That Isn’t really Scared Towards Get The Bull Through The Horns In New Drama “Blind”


“Blind” has actually discussed a sneek peek of Ha Seok Jin in his starring function!

” Since they are actually regular as well as criminals that have actually shut their eyes towards the unpleasant realities, Blind” is actually a secret thriller that depicts the tale of individuals that have actually unfairly end up being sufferers. The tale focuses about detectives, courts, legislation institution jurors, and trainees.

2PM’s Taecyeon plays Ryu Sung Joon, a violent crimes detective that is actually heck curved on capturing bad guys. He’s constantly ready to go undercover, as well as because of his decision, his arrest price is actually amongst the leading. Since of his extreme inspiration, he’s in some cases incorrect as a criminal.

Apink’s Jung Eun Ji stars as the social employee Jo Eun Ki. After conquering all of kinds of difficulties, Jo Eun Ki ends up being a social employee to assist a minimum of one much a lot extra kid, as well as she is actually a charitable as well as broad-minded individual in spite of her youthful grow older.

Ha Seok Jin handles the function of Ryu Sung Joon’s more mature sibling Ryu Sung Hoon. He’s also a brilliant that finished at the leading of his course as well as ended up being a nit-picker court. He’s a simple individual that performs his finest to earn a reasonable judgement. He even goes as for towards certainly not develop any type of individual relationships, making him the nickname “The famous court that consumes alone.”

One time, Ryu Sung Hoon encounter an unforeseen dilemma when the jurors that gone to his test begins to pass away one through one while the unlawful he founded guilty remains in jail. In the point, he takes issues right in to his very personal palms towards discover the offender as well as offset the disgrace of possessing produced an unfair sufferer.

In recently launched stills coming from the approaching drama, Ryu Sung Hoon jobs earnestly towards discover the reality. He’s the kind of court that continuously agonizes over each case as if his lifestyle depends upon it, as well as he checks out the judgment along with self-peace of mind about his choice. In one picture, Ryu Sung Hoon searches each hint towards discover the genuine unlawful that disrupted his test. Depending upon the lower illumination in his workplace, he scrutinizes the documents stacked atop his workwork desk. He reveals a high degree of focus that tips he’s certainly not one to become quickly sidetracked. One more still depicts him moving house after finishing function behind time in the evening. He appears deeper in idea, piquing interest about exactly just what he’s therefore frantically looking for.

The manufacturers of “Blind” mentioned, “The mix of star Ha Seok-jin’s strong acting as well as the solemn environment of the court of law perfectly depicts the ideal sign of Ryu Sung Hoon. With Ryu Sung Hoon, viewers will certainly have the ability to view a new edge of star Ha Seok Jin that they’ve never ever viewed prior to.”

The very initial episode of “Blind” will certainly sky on September 16 at 10:40 p.m. KST.