Ted Lasso director says there’s more to explore

Ted Lasso director says there’s more to explore

While Ted Lasso could very well be done, one series director thinks there is still much to explore on the hit series.

Oi! As it turns out, fans of Ted Lasso are going to find their patience going into overtime, as series director Declan Lowney has confirmed that it’s going to be some time before anything moves forward with the show – if it does at all.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Lowney – who directed eight episodes throughout Ted Lasso’s three seasons, including the finale – said that the third season could be the end, which is why so many storylines were in there. “Everybody knew it was the end, but it’s also the end for now. (Laughs.) It’s going to be two or three years before anything happens — if anything happens — so let’s try and tie up all these stories properly.” Still, he recognizes the fanbase and how much could still be told, even if it might put the Ted Lasso cast and crew through a lot. “If the human cost wasn’t so great on those guys — because every time we do a season, it’s a year in England, away from their families. That’s a tough old slog [over the past] three and a half years, four years. You know, I think that it [could have] kept going, but it had done its thing — the three-season arc, that was the deal, that was what [Sudeikis, star and co-creator] wanted,” as confirmed by Sudeikis himself. “But I feel there’s something else…There will be other things.”

While the die-hards continued to support the Apple TV+ darling, season three of Ted Lasso was criticized for having too many subplots going on: there was Trent Crimm following AFC Richmond, Keeley developing a new romance, Nate learning how to interact with a woman, etc. etc. While season three was certainly busier than the others and maybe felt at points that the balance was off, the show did have a satisfying conclusion that does work as a series finale if the team decides not to step back onto the pitch.

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