Ted Cruz weaves a bizarre scenario about Biden murdering children while listening to Pat Benatar

Ted Cruz weaves a bizarre scenario about Biden murdering children while listening to Pat Benatar

While scrolling through Twitter, I noticed that the singer Pat Benatar was trending and clicked to find out why.

The answer was . . . unexpected.

During an appearance on the Joe Pags talk show on Thursday, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz answered a question regarding whether or not a supermajority would ever vote to remove Biden from office in the case of an impeachment by way of diverging off into a Satanic flight of fancy.

“I don’t think Senate Democrats, if you had video of Joe Biden murdering children dressed as the devil under a full moon while singing Pat Benatar, they still wouldn’t vote to convict,” Cruz said.

This mention of Benatar’s name (forget about Biden dressed as the devil and killing kids, I guess) sent the internet a’flutter, with many wondering if her music is the most “Satanic” example Cruz could come up with at the time.

“There are so many black metal bands Ted Cruz could have used here, and yet his idea of Satanic music is… Pat Benatar,” one person commented on Twitter.

“I now have a mental image of Pat Benatar just sitting at her kitchen table and wondering why she’s trending on Twitter, and then seeing why,” said another.

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Other input from Twitter on the matter:

“Why is Ted Cruz dragging Pat Benatar into his weird fantasies?” @MadyLowell

“GOP: we believe in the rule of law

The rule of law: it’s not appropriate for anyone to store nuclear secrets in a bathroom

GOP: how dare you, I bet you eat children while singing Pat Benatar

The rule of law: no really, no nuclear secrets in a bathroom

GOP/Cruz: PAT BENATAR” @redwingx

“Ever dance with Pat Benatar in the pale moonlight?” @MikePerryavatar

Benatar herself has not weighed in on her trending status, but whenever she does it’s going to be really funny.

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