TAEYONG of NCT 127 seemingly hints at military enlistment

TAEYONG of NCT 127 seemingly hints at military enlistment

As if we weren’t devastated enough with the BTS enlistments, now NCT 127’s Taeyong has hit us with a sucker punch: he might have hinted at his possible military enlistment, with a potential beginning date and discharge time. Keep reading to check these rumors!

All these speculations went down on Taeyong’s Instagram, where he posted a cozy Christmas photo with a caption that’s made NCTzens (that’s the name of NCT fans) start their research. Here’s what the caption says:

“I hope this Christmas isn’t our last. Have a happier Christmas next year and see you again on Christmas 2025.”

The post seemingly provides potential dates for his enlistment and discharge. According to what he’s saying in the caption, there are high chance his enlistment will start around June or July 2023 if he’s coming back by Christmas 2025. This means he will likely join the Army, where service is 18 months long so that he can be back by December 2025.

At the moment, there isn’t official confirmation from Taeyong himself or SM Entertainment, so stay tuned for updates.