Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation shares the key to her slim physique

Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation shares the key to her slim physique

In recent days, the renowed idol Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation surprised her fans by unexpectedly sharing the key to her slim physique during a Youtube program in which she mentioned her unhealthy feeding schedule and foods.

The singer appeared on a new W Korea Youtube video uploaded on January 21st, titled ‘Introverted person’s character: Most busy at home. Taeyeon’s shopping basket‘, where Taeyeon told the viewers some items that she has on her shopping list and ideas for Lunar New Year’s Day gifts.

During the video, the Girls’ Generation member confessed she loves snacking jellies (gummy bears); “I have them in my car and at home as well. And I just eat at home when I see them“, and without hesitating, she affirms it was her favorite snack.

I like jellies. I eat a lot of jellies. I eat jellies and jellies“, she continued.

When she was asked about how she spends her time in her house, she revealed the secret of her feeding: “I watch YouTube and Netflix. I don’t eat much. I just eat snacks like jellies and drink coffee“. In addition, she said, “My mom might smack me on the back“.

After this statement, many netizens reacted by criticizing her and pointing her out as irresponsible for her words, due to the fact that many kids can see this video and follow her unhealthy habits. In addition to judging the bad feeding she follows and her slim physique.