Sunmi finally drops her new song and it is super spooky!

Sunmi finally drops her new song and it is super spooky!

Our Kpop queen, Sunmi has been relatively quiet this year. She has not had the most active music game, but this has finally changed today, October 17! Our Wonder Girl dropped the single and music video for her latest bop, “Stranger,” and it’s everything – more than we thought it could be.

Stranger is all about serving those Halloween and Frankenstein vibes for October. Want to know why? Well, in the spooky music video, Sunmi literally creates her own twin, as if she was that Frankenstein girl. But hold on, the drama does not stop here: as if the scary twin wasn’t enough, she’s also got this mysterious masked man who’s chasing her around in a fancy castle.

Now, the song? It is as crazy as the music video – and that’s what we’re all about. The track sounds like it could be three songs in one, with every section of the song not being actually similar to the previous one. This is totally a surprise, but it really fits the mood of the music video.

But if you think that was all Sunmi could offer, you’re totally wrong! The “Siren” singer also accompanied the release of “Stranger” with two additional tracks, “Calm Myself” and “Call My Name.” So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get all ears on that Spotify or Apple Music account of yours and bop to these tracks.

We are totally here for this Sunmi comeback, as this is the first time we’ve been given some of her solo magic since 2022. That’s right, our Kpop queen’s last major release was “Heart Burn,” in 2022. Then, a collab came in March 2023, titled “Lights Out,” but that’s not quite the same as having Sunmi blessing us with some of that sparkle she has on her own.