Stray Kids tease “MEGAVERSE” ahead of their upcoming EP

Stray Kids tease “MEGAVERSE” ahead of their upcoming EP

Stray Kids have been riding the kpop wave like true champs during this year. The 8-piece band released their collection of bops “5-Star,” which took the charms by storm. And don’t get us started with “S-Class” which is a major jam we’ve had on loop. But enough context, let’s talk about the present: Stray Kids are set to drop a brand-new EP, titled “ROCK-STAR” – and they’re already driving fans wild with their melodic magic.

Wonder what the buzz is all about? Well, the teasing started on October 5, when Stray Kids turned up the heat with a sneak peek, releasing a prologue video for their “ROCK-STAR” mini-album via JYP Entertainment’s YouTube channel. As if this wasn’t enough, the hype reached massive levels after our boys dropped a teaser for what seems to be one of the singles from their EP, titled “MEGAVERSE.”

This talented gang: Hyunjin, Felix, Bang Chan, Han, LN, Changbin, Woojin, and Seungmin – are serving little bits from the track list that will grace the upcoming mini-album. Now, it’s time to mark your calendars, Stray Kids stans (also known as STAY). “ROCK-STAR” is coming to streaming platforms (and our shelves) on November 10! This super release comes hot, after the SKZ gang set the entire planet on fire with “5-STAR.”

Now, let’s talk about “MEGAVERSE.” It’s everything we didn’t know we needed. In this bop, the eight SKZ stars showcase a fierce, take-no-prisoners attitude. The rap? Ate and left no crumbs. The vocals? Sent us to cloud 9 and back to the ground. While we wait for more “ROCK-STAR” content, you can get a that taste of that Stray Kids awesomeness with MEGAVERSE right here:


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