Stray Kids make history as the first 4th gen group to bag this award!

Stray Kids make history as the first 4th gen group to bag this award!

Need any proof of Stray Kids‘ undeniable talents? Well, these Kpop kings conquered 2023 with the release of “5-Star” and their super smash hit “S-Class.” They’ve been racking up awards left, right and center throughout the yer and even snagged a trophy at the MTV VMAs 2023 – and don’t get us started on their jaw-dropping performance that evening, it was just perfect!

Now, it’s time for Stray Kids stans, also known as STAY, to hold onto their lightsticks. Here’s why: South Korea’s very own Prime Minister just gave them a major shoutout! Our boys were given the “2023 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Award“, which is a massive achievement. The reason? Think about only six of the most legendary Kpop groups having this honor. Now, that’s some great news!

Time for some context: “The Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards” is an annual event held by the South Korean government to recognize artists who have significantly influenced South Korea’s culture. Of course, the Kpop magic we love has been spread all over the globe, and the government has not failed to see the major achievements of our fave idols.

With this award, Stray Kids joins Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, JYJ, SHINee, EXO, SEVENTEEN as the only squads to ever receive the honor. Now, that’s some hard work right there. Round of applause for our boys! Most of this group have currently been disbanded and only get together to celebrate special anniversaries, with only Seventeen being active every year. But don’t get scared, SHINee and EXO still put out some music every now and then.

Special shoutout to STAY, they’ve been making the Internet explode, celebrating this monumental win – and rightfully so! Their faves just bagged an award not even iconic groups like BTS or BLACKPINK have been able to receive!

Stray Kids - "S-Class" | 2023 VMAs