Stray Kids’ Han and Lee Know release collaborative song ‘Want So Bad’

Stray Kids’ Han and Lee Know release collaborative song ‘Want So Bad’

Han and Lee Know, members of the renowned K-Pop group Stray Kids, recently collaborated, which resulted in a song titled ‘Want so Bad‘, which has a very fresh and modern style with very nice lyrics that have made listeners fall in love.

The launch of this new song was carried out through the official YouTube channel of Stray Kids, which already has more than 14 million subscribers. There we can find all the content of the boys, such as their solo songs, duos, and in a group since they have been a very versatile boyband.

The followers of these guys can’t get this song out of their heads, and there is no way to judge them because their rhythm is really catchy and danceable. Normally, the music tracks that talk about love are usually slow, but these idols did things differently and had a great result.

The song has an amazing receptivity; it has more than two million views on the YouTube platform in just four days. Its acceptance allows them to add a new hit to the list of these singers and confirms that this union was highly anticipated for all their fans.

The fans has had the opportunity to see the interaction of all the members together, and although it is true that each one of them has a different personality, they have shown that they get along very well, but the treatment that has been seen between Han and Lee Know is what the public likes more, because it seems that they have a special chemistry.

Lee Know, HAN "Want so BAD" | [Stray Kids : SKZ-RECORD]

Both K-pop singers participated in all phases of the creation of this new musical hit; even the design of the cover was joint, managing to give it a more personal touch with which the public could empathize. The rapper Jisung also took the opportunity to demonstrate his talent and was part of the composition of this track.

Have you heard this new song titled ‘Want So Bad’ by Han and Lee Know from Stray Kids?