Stray Kids’ comeback with “ROCK-STAR”

Stray Kids’ comeback with “ROCK-STAR”

Stray Kids has always been one of the greatest boy bands of all time, according to numerous sites that always praise the boys’ performance skills and catchy songs. After a couple of months of releasing “★★★★★ (5-STAR)”, the idols are set to make their imminent comeback with “樂-STAR (ROCK-STAR).”

The idols have solidified their career as one of the best in the K-pop scene after their latest album exceeded 4.93 million pre-orders and 5.13 million two days later, making it the most pre-ordered released in K-pop history and subsequently breaking SEVENTEEN’s record with “FML” with 4.64 million copies.

Numerous magazines and media outlets have praised Stray Kids because of their undeniable talent and influence all around the world. THE TIMES honored the group as TIME’s Next Generation Leaders by stating the boys have been dominating the music worldwide over the past year.

Stray Kids’ fans, better known as the STAY, are eagerly waiting to help the boy band to break the record once again with their latest announcement. On October 6 KST, Stray Kids released a prologue video from their upcoming album “樂-STAR” (“ROCK-STAR”).

After five months of releasing 5-Star, the boy band is prepared to make their imminent comeback with this amazing album. In addition to the prologue video released, the group also announced that “樂-STAR (ROCK-STAR).” is set to be released on November 10. You can watch the video below:

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