Stray Kids are chosen as ‘Next Generation Leaders’, beating BTS

Stray Kids are chosen as ‘Next Generation Leaders’, beating BTS

In recent days, the famous K-Pop group, Stray Kids, has achieved an important milestone in their career, a new title that positions them as the new ‘Next Generation Leaders‘, thus surpassing the renowned boy group BTS.

This title took fans of the genre by surprise, who upon seeing the success of the boy group BTS, which debuted in 2013, did not expect them to be surpassed in this way, however, who could be better for becoming their predecessor if they are not Stray Kids?

For their part, the group’s fans were not very surprised, because the boys have achieved immense success this year 2023, which even led them to win the prestigious award for Best K-Pop at the MTV Video Music Awards 2023, where  themselves did not believe this achievement.

This great success has led fans to remember the effort that the boys have put into their career, that even their beginning was out of the ordinary, because unlike the other groups, they started with a program organized by JYP Entertainment, their current agency, in 2017.

Where the boys exploited their talent, seeking and managing to stand out, which quickly led them to be a successful group, one of the most influential in the entire K-Pop industry and now surpassing the most popular group of all time, BTS, It is evident how far they have come.

On the other hand, many claim that this decision by the media TIME to name the new ‘Next Generation Leaders‘ may be due to the BTS’ hiatus, which has meant that some of the members are presenting their military service, and others debuting as soloists causing a lack of group activities.

What do you think of the new and important achievement of the boy group Stray Kids?