Soojin announces the release of her solo debut after being expelled from (G)I-DLE

Soojin announces the release of her solo debut after being expelled from (G)I-DLE

She’s back! Soojin recently opened her Instagram account to keep in touch with her group of fans, and one of the questions that the singer’s followers asked the most was if she would ever return to the stage and the answer finally came and it’s a resounding yes.

On October 16th, information began to circulate that Soojin was ready for her solo debut, hours later the agency BRD Communications made the following announcement: “We have signed an exclusivity agreement with Soojin. We plan to release her solo album before the end of year“.

Very positive news for the followers of the talented idol, since they had already been waiting for new music for a long time, we must remember that she was expelled from her previous group (G)I-DLE more than two years ago, and since then she had remained away from the music industry.

The departure of the South Korean singer and dancer became official on March 5th, 2022 after a statement from the agency Cube Entertainment which said the following: “We notify you that the exclusive contract with our agency’s artist, Soojin, has been terminated, making his dismissal clear“.

The expulsion from the group was due to a strong controversy that Soojin faced after a series of accusations of school violence. Actress Seo Shin Ae was the one who made the accusations, stating that she had suffered from bullying for two years at the hands of the K-Pop singer, which generated a lot of hatred to the artist.

After being able to clarify the situation and prove her innocence, fans asked the agency to allow the singer’s return, although the charges were not real and she was able to clear her name, the agency did not make her return possible, which disappointed many fans who had waited very patiently for Soojin’s return.

Are you looking forward to the solo debut of former (G)I-DLE member Soojin?